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About Us

T R A N S F O R M I N G  L I V E S  & G I V I N G  H O P E

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Our History

​The Austell Youth Innovation Center exists because of the faithful presence of pastors in the Austell Community, the benevolence and vision of the city of Austell government leaders, and a powerful collaboration of businesses and nonprofit leaders who all wanted to ensure the flourishing of youth in the Austell community.  After meeting together for years, a group of pastors under the leadership of Lin Harrison, decided to think of ways to help the community flourish and landed on caring for its youth. 

Our Vision

A program that cultivates youth who recognize their potential and go on to graduate and flourish within their communities

Our Mission

Inspire a more hopeful future for youth through the engagement in innovative STEAM learning experiences that equip them as leaders and stewards of the sustainability of their communities

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